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Jesper Klit is a Communications Adviser, Director of Jesper Klit & Partners, and moreover he is one of the most popular and inspiring European speakers in the fields of communication and leadership. He previously worked at the Danish newspaper Weekendavisen, the Danish television station TV2, as well as at the Danish company Nordisk Film TV, where for six years he was the CEO. Jesper specializes in the development of personal clout, media coaching, and business storytelling. He advises a number of companies and leaders – from prime ministers to CEOs – on issues relating to personal and strategic communication. Furthermore, he is the author of several books on media, communication, and leadership.


Jesper Klit has specific expertise in corporate communications, communication coaching, development of personal clout, media/TV-coaching, crisis communication, and business storytelling. He works all over the globe for among others several Fortune 500 companies, and he is much in demand as speaker, facilitator, and teacher.

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Corporate Communications

At Jesper Klit & Partners we have extensive and comprehensive experience in helping companies and organizations prepare and design effective communication strategies, thereby ensuring that our clients achieve the desired relations to their most important stakeholders.

Via a workshop – a so-called Communications Audit – we systematically identify your company’s stakeholders, issues, messages, action plans, as well as best choice of media and timing. In addition, we do casting in terms of your company’s internal distribution of roles in the communication process.

We help you prepare a short and concise communications strategy, which in general terms provides concrete answers as to how you best position your company in relation to the organization’s stakeholders.

When designing and executing effective communication and media strategies, we draw on, among other resources, our solid experiences and comprehensive networks in the worlds of media and branding.

Call Jesper Klit on +45 4083 1333 for further information about the results we have created in the field of Corporate Communications, and how we might be able to help your company.

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Crisis Management

During a media crisis, the most effective remedy is to ensure that your company on a daily basis focuses on maintaining the best possible relationship with the stakeholders.

Ifthe media crisis strikes, we can help you establish a crisis plan as well as a preparedness that will give you the best opportunities for being heard – and perhaps even understood. We have concrete and wide-ranging experience in containing and handling crises. In this context we provide counselling in the following areas:

Issues Management
Development of Effective Messages
Development of Crisis Preparedness/dd>
Media Coaching
Continual Dialogues with Stakeholders

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Message and Media Coaching

At Jesper Klit & Partners we have designed and carried out several hundred message and media coaching courses. We specialize in helping companies and leaders develop and deliver effective messages in all media across the board.

In our media coaching workshops we systematically train you to become even better at identifying, formulating, and communicating the company’s messages to the relevant stakeholders.

As a leader or specialist, your communication skills are vital to your company. In our courses we equip you with a number of effective and practical techniques, tools, and insights. You will be able to use these new skills immediately to optimize your effective communication, and control your messages in media contexts – thereby enabling you to use the media as a strategic resource.

In the message and media coaching courses we focus on among other skills:

Message Development
General Media Coaching

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Communication Coaching

The growing focus on the company’s ”license to operate” means that effective organizations need to spare no efforts to ensure that leaders in particular are qualified ambassadors of the organization. In short, the leaders should in professional and convincing terms be able to formulate and communicate the company’s core values, positions, and stories. These skills will enable the leaders to create durable market advantages for the company.

The ability to design, formulate, and mediate personal, corporate, and political visions and ideas, while ensuring that a wide range of people immediately understand and relate to your message, is a skill that is increasingly important in a globalized world.

Within the areas of personal communication and personal clout, we are in a position to design and implement a number of highly effective coaching programs. Our programs focus on the development of the communicative competences of leaders and specialists.

Jesper Klit has comprehensive experience in training, developing, and coaching CEOs and other top leaders, thereby giving them the necessary skills to become strong communicators. The final communications course is customized to your actual needs and challenges. In the process of profiling and clarifying your needs, as well as the needs of your organization, we might also consult the head of communications in your company.

In general, a coaching program is implemented in the course of 6-12 months with one or two coaching sessions per month.

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Financial Communication

With a view to servicing our clients even better – primarily in the field of financial communication — Jesper Klit & Partners has since 12 December 2014 cooperated with Reliance Ltd., a company that specializes in financial communication, investor relations, media relations, and crisis communication. The co-operation between Reliance Ltd. and Jesper Klit & Partners includes these areas. For further information see

Business Storytelling

As managing director, you are not just a CEO. You are just as much a CST: Chief Story Teller. Effective communicators often use significant inspirational stories to describe their companies, services, and co-workers. Such stories break the ice and open doors to the organization’s stakeholders.

At Jesper Klit & Partners we have, in a joint effort with a large international partner, developed an effective Business Storyteller Workshop. The Business Storyteller Workshop can help you and your company identify and communicate your strongest stories effectively.

We have successfully carried out The Business Storyteller Workshop in India, Malaysia, Thailand, the UK, Sweden, Norway, Pakistan, Myanmar, Serbia, Hungary, Germany, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, and Denmark – and more countries are on our list.

Call Jesper Klit for further information on The Business Storyteller Workshop, which also includes The Business Storyteller Work Book.